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#GetToKnowYou #Author #Interview with Abbye Kovacevic @AbbyeKovacevic


This is Abbye's very first author interview.
I want to truly thank Abbye for her genuinely open personality and her down to earth approach. I've been following Abbye on twitter for quite some time. Even as a blogger, I tend to follow more on TWITTER than anywhere else. However, I do follow her BLOG as well as her FACEBOOK page. (By the way, you can click those links and hang out with her too.)

I wanted something different than a general interview. I've been lucky enough to be allowed a sneak peak into a few of her upcoming books. To say I think they're going to be great is a significant understatement. So, I asked Abbye if she could call me and do a phone interview. (How often does that really happen for us bloggers?)

She said yes. She called me earlier today. Here's a breakdown of some of our conversation.

--Please note that any typing and grammar errors are one hundred percent my fault since this was done via phone call.

Nyxx: So, this all started because of a tweet I caught from you earlier today. (TWEET There's an image)

yes I can cook. From scratch rolls with homemade icing. I'll have to run extra today
I honestly had you pegged for a total city girl, biker chic type.

Abbye: No, I am a country girl at heart and live fairly rural myself. Not nearly rural enough, though.

Nyxx: You can coook?

Abbye: Absolutely. It's always been one of my favorite things. I was raised in the midwest, but grew up eating southern country food - all homemade.

Nyxx: Sweet tea?

Abbye: All the way - sun tea, sweet tea.

Nyxx: So, you never eat out or microwave?

Abbye: Oh no. I absolutely do. A lot more than I prefer. Cooking is time consuming and there's always something else do to.

Nyxx: Your man doesn't want home cooked meals? Quite honestly, I could name a number of them that would do almost anything for that type of meal.

Abbye: There is no man. If there were, I'd cook for him whenever he wanted.

Nyxx: So, you're not that bad girl, biker type?

Abbye: I try not to label anyone as anything. But, no. While I absolutely love motorcycles, I also love big four wheel drive trucks.

Nyxx: What do you drive?

Abbye: Four wheel drive Chevy truck.

Nyxx: Any tattoos?

Abbye: No. None. However, I keep thinking for my next birthday I may go get one. But, probably not. I've always wanted one, but I've never followed through.

Nyxx: What's in your closet?

Abbye: I don't know if I should tell this or not. I have a large number of pajama pants and yoga pants, as well as some really beat up t-shirts and sweatshirts. My very favorite sweatshirt is literally falling apart at the seams. I do also have jeans. But, oddly enough, not a whole lot of dress clothes. I love boots. Have to have boots. Combat boots, hiking boots, cowboy boots - have to have boots. I love my baseball caps too.

Nyxx: So, if I were sitting with you right now, what are you wearing?

Abbye: Capri shorts- gray, like a light sweat pant type material with a metal militia t-shirt. I am all about functional comfort.

Nyxx: Are the characters in your Demolition Mafia book anything like you? Is Gracie you?

Abbye: Definitely not. I actually couldn't be more the opposite of Gracie. She's strong, she's viscous.  She knows exactly what she wants and she's all but fearless in her pursuit. Plus she's tall.

Nyxx: Do you think all authors create their characters so differently from themselves?

Abbye: I really couldn't say. In my books, I guess I seem like a hard ass. I'm really not. I get by in life on my own because I have to. Not because I want to be going it alone. Gracie could lose everyone around her and still hold her head high and go on.

Nyxx: Did you base her one someone you'd like to be?

Abbye: No. I couldn't ever imagine being so disconnected from the value of life. I love animals and elderly people. I have a great respect for those that have fought for our country. I volunteer. I would never want to be like Gracie. But,she is an awesome character.

Nyxx: Gracie is set to have a series. Will they be about different main characters or will they all surround her?

Abbye: They'll all surround her. I've considered some seasonal novellas to maybe tell a bit more about some of the more popular secondary characters. But nothing is decided yet.

Nyxx: I'm looking forward to it. I'm curious to how her character will grow as the series moves forward. All authors dream of having their books turn up as a TV show or a movie. Who would you want to produce or direct?

Abbye: Wow, a bit ahead of the game, but I guess I can allow myself to dream a bit. There's three names that really jump at me when I think about this, but there are so many talented producers and directors. I'd absolutely love to work with Kurt Sutter, Sam Raimi, or Rob Zombie.

Nyxx: I'm familiar with Sutter and Zombie. Who is Raimi?

Abbye: Spartacus on Starz.

Nyxx: Why did those three names stand out?

Abbye: Sutter and Zombie, in my opinion, are creative geniuses. They also know that not everything has a happy ending. All three have great expression of violence. And, let's face it - I write mafias, motorcycle clubs, serial killers and special ops military - there's more than enough violence to go around.

Nyxx: Is there a love story in your books?

Abbye: I wouldn't say there's a love story. There are people that fall in love. Sometimes out of need, sometimes a business choice that takes a turn. There's sex just for sex - sex for manipulation. If you want Harlequin, I definitely don't write that. There's not always a happy ending. There's not even always a happy for now ending.

Nyxx: Will each book be able to stand alone?

Abbye: I've thought a lot about that and no. There may be some unsolved issues from book to book as well. It wasn't exactly intentional, just more of how it works out. It's why it's a series and not just a novel.

Nyxx: Will Gracie see her happy ending by the end of your books?

Abbye: I really can't say - but given what she's involved in...

Nyxx: Do you already know how the series will end?

Abbye: Actually, I don't. I'm learning as I go too.

Nyxx: What are the first 15 songs on your current playlist?

Abbye: Laredo by Chris Cagle
Stand up and scream by Asking Alexandria
In my blood by Black Stone Cherry
If I die Young by The Band Perry
One Last Breath by Creed
Cruise by Florida Georgie Line
What It's Like by Everlast
Barely Breathing by Duncan Shiek
Colors by Crossfade
Teach me how to scream by BrokeNcyde
Get Stoned by Hinder
No Air by Jordan Sparks
Do this anymore by Nickleback
Burn by Papa Roach
Getting way with murder by Papa Roach

Nyxx: Interesting. It's all over the place in genre. What about TV, what are you watching?

Abbye: Vikings, Bones, Leverage, The Originals, Chicago Fire, Reign, and The Voice

Nyxx: What are you waiting for?

Abbye: Well, I miss Dexter and Spartacus. But I am waiting for True Blood and Sons of Anarchy - both are ending this year. I think Penny Dreadful sounds like it may be interesting as well. I'm also anxiously awaiting next season of Vikings.

Nyxx: What are you reading?

Abbye: Actually nothing. I've picked up several books here and there over the last year or so, but never actually committed to reading any of them. So, sadly - I'm a terrible reader.

Nyxx: Where do you hope you'll be in five years?

Abbye: I know this is where I'm supposed to say I want a multi-million dollar deal with some huge publisher, with agents fighting over me and TV shows and movies under my belt from what I've written. While I wouldn't refuse any of that, I just want to be happy. I write because I enjoy it. I don't give myself any crazy deadlines. I write when it comes to me. Right now it doesn't feel like work. I guess, deep down, I really just am that simple country girl. I want a home and not a house. I want that special someone in my life to wake up to. Maybe a couple horses for sunset rides. While I don't write romance, I'd love to have it. Everything else is barely relative. Find happiness and true love and you're rich.

Nyxx: Thanks so much for this Abbye.

Abbye has agreed to appear again in a couple of weeks. I've asked her to dig up some images of people she sees her characters closest in appearance to. It's always fun to them similar to how the author envisions them. Also, she's up to questions or character interview type questions. She'll also be back with a partial character release to introduce some of them. Abbye will aslo be discussing some things she'd love to put into action for her upcoming book releases.

Have questions for Abbye? Email them to me.

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  1. Thanks so much for having me. It was wonderful speaking with you on the phone.

    1. Thanks so much for agreeing to become a repeat victim on the blog.

  2. Being happy is what really matters. Those are some good songs and shows listed. Book sounds like a lot of fun to read!

    1. I think so, life's too short for anything else. Thanks :)