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Did you miss Abbye's first interview here at Nyxx's Nook? If so, you can find it HERE.

Nyxx: Thanks so much for coming back. I promise to go easy on you this time around. No promises for next time though.

Abbye: Thanks so much for having me back.

Nyxx: So, I've gotten some email questions in, I've chosen some of the easiest. The rest I'll get to you at a later time. What is one thing that bothers you about yourself?

Abbye: Let's get right to it then. Well, I'm the complete opposite of my author assumed persona. My facebook profile page header says "Be strong when you are weak. Be brave when you are scared. Be humble when you are victorious. Be badass everyday." Quite honestly, when I'm stressed or angry or upset - I cry. Crying is kind of my crutch.

Nyxx: (You can find Abbye's Facebook profile HERE) What is one thing you can't live without?

Abbye: I know most people say their cell phone or their laptop. For me, soda. I have to have my Pepsi or Mountain Dew. Sometimes Dr. Pepper. But approach with extreme caution if I haven't had any.

Nyxx: Noted. Who is your favorite male character from Demolition Mafia?

Abbye: I don't know if I can pick one. I love Gracie's brother, Jarvick. I also really love the characters I've created for Christian and Khayne.

Nyxx: Tell us a bit about them. Khayne first.

Abbye: Khayne is what I envision as the person who walks in front of you and you're instantly scared. He doesn't even have to say a word. He's big, muscled, tattooed and a bad ass. He used to work for Jarvick, but went to Gracie after Jarvick was getting them in too deep. However, he's going to find that with Gracie, he's going to get even deeper. He's a typical (or what's thought to be in my mind) looking enforcer.

Nyxx: Christian?

Abbye: He's almost the opposite of Khayne. He has tattoos and piercings. Has long hair. But he doesn't look scary. Almost a boy next door look, standing at only 5'10". He also wears cowboy boots and prefers riding his horse to riding is motorcycle. It'll be interesting as to how he became involved in clubs when the story of that finally comes out. He's potent and brutal. More so than anyone would think - easily handling multiple guys that are bigger than him. His curiosity about Gracie gets the better of him and he may get in over his head for the first time ever.

Nyxx: No hints about this secret of how he got into motorcycle clubs?

Abbye: No, not just yet.

Nyxx: What about how he's getting in over his head?

Abbye: Sorry. My lips are sealed for now.

Nyxx: What about Jarvick?

Abbye: Jarvick was taught to be an enforcer under his father. From a young age, he learned having a conscience is something for the weak. His father started creating that monster before Jarvick could ever label it as such. In that, it makes him all the more dangerous. But, what will happen when he and Gracie go head on? Will it be strictly business? Will blood be thicker than hate, control, and vengeance? Would they even be able to co-exist?

Nyxx: Have any of those answers for us?

Abbye: Of course not.

Nyxx: Do you have an expected release date for book one yet?

Abbye: I don't. Publishers are still looking at it and I'm still struggling with my own inner conflicts about publishing.

Nyxx: Can you share those?

Abbye: I don't see why not. Though I've submitted to publishers, I'm not quite sold in that being the way I should go. Should I get an agent? Or should I simply self-publish? Or was my original idea of submitting on my own behalf, to those that take unsolicited manuscripts, the correct way to go?

Nyxx: I image there's no easy answer.

Abbye: There isn't. For as many that profess you need an agent, there are at least as many who submit on their own behalf or do well in self-publishing. I personally think publishing is a bit like playing Russian Roulette. A large percent of it is simply luck.

Nyxx: What do you feel about promoting? I know you didn't immediately jump for the initial interview. How come?

Abbye: Well, my books aren't out yet. I know you're supposed to promote from almost the very instant you write the first word, but I hate talking about myself. I don't want to convince people that they should read my book. I guess, somewhat unrealistically, I just want them to figure out on their own that they want to read it. There's so many authors that all you see is "buy my book" I just don't feel right about that.

Nyxx: Have you thought of promotional items at all?

Abbye: Not so much. I haven't even really messed with custom banners and badges too much. I do know that they're needed and I've been doing a bit of research on possible designers. But I've not jumped into the pool just yet. I also have been looking at book trailers and options with it. Some authors swear by trailers. The music seems blah at best that you can find. So, I'll have to hunt someone that can write a short clip that's unique only to my trailer.

Nyxx: Will you be doing conventions?

Abbye: As of right now, no. I'm sure they're probably a really good idea to get out there with potential readers and brainstorm with other authors, but I'm kind of a behind the scenes person.

Nyxx: Meaning?

Abbye: I want to sell books. I want them to be popular. But I'm not one that wants to be out in the middle of it all or have my face plastered all over the place. And I hate going it alone. Case in point, I have a graduation to go to in several weeks. A friend is graduating from nursing school. I don't have a date. I'm trying to think of a way to not go without hurting anyones feelings. Showing up alone would be the worst thing imaginable to me.

Nyxx: Let's try a lighter questions that was sent. What is your favorite meal?

Abbye: Pizza. Deep dish.

Nyxx: What's on it?

Abbye: I don't care too much what's actually on it. I don't eat mushrooms, but I can pick those off. But absolutely no anchovies can touch it.

Nyxx: I'm going to share a little more about Gracie with readers today. They've gotten to meet Khayne, Jarvick and Christian already - so here's Gracie.

From an excerpt on Abbye's Blog
          At eighteen I had long black hair, slightly past my waist, and piercing green eyes. My father's hair, my mother's eyes and build. I was not petite, nor was I an amazon. My parents had gifted me with great genetics. At five foot nine, with curves in all the right places, I'd learned early on to use my looks – or my father's name – to get me what I wanted.

Nyxx: How about a short excerpt to wrap up this week? (Want other excerpts? She has one HERE and one HERE)

"We need someone that can really enforce. My brother is no light weight to go up against." Gracie paused with a sigh. "As tough as Rex is...well, he just won't be enough. And if we lose out to Jarvick and lose Rex in the process, my name will become a joke."

"Do you really want to go against your brother?"

"You're the one who turned on him to come work for me, Khayne."

"I did. You were...different." Khayne paused, choosing his words carefully. "Jarvick has crossed lines - lines his club can never come back from.You aren't that, Gracie. What we've been doing is safer for all of us. There are only a few clubs in Jarvick's league, mostly because other clubs fear it. And rightly so. It's like you lose your..." Khayne allowed his sentence to go unfinished and went back to cleaning his gun.

"Khayne, finish your sentence."

"My humanity was leaving me, Gracie. No one should be asked to do, or even to witness, some of the things that have become normal in Jarvick's world."

"You're saying my brother is a monster?" Gracie raised an eyebrow.

"Now, Gracie." Khayne knew through it all that Jarvick was still her brother. Blood and hatred ran deep in the Pavlovic family.

"Answer me."

"God damn, Gracie. I'm sorry, but yes, your brother is a monster. The worst kind. Worse than any nightmare you could ever dream up." Khayne watched as a smile slowly came across Gracie's face.

"You'll have to teach me to be an even bigger monster, Khayne."

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