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Welcome Back @AbbyeKovacevic - #Author #Interview


Welcome back Abbye. I've really been looking forward to my weekly chats with her. I suppose I am a bit biased at this point, but I do really hope she lands some random multi-million dollar book deal. I don't know that I've spoken with many that are more deserving.

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Nyxx: So, I've gotten in some more questions this week and had some left over from last week. You may be stuck visiting my blog each week for the next five years.

Abbye: I look forward to it.

Nyxx: What do you like to do when you aren't writing?

Abbye: Honestly, I don't write near as often as I should. I don't give myself a schedule that says I have to write each day or every few days. I don't have mandatory word count. So, in that, I guess I'm not quite as dedicated as I should be. But I don't force it. When scenes come to me, I stop and write them down. Anyway, I do a lot of volunteering. I rescue animals. I donate money, as I can, to various charities. I do some exercising and I absolutely love music.

Nyxx: I've heard, or maybe it was read, that you do work out. What's your schedule for that like?

Abbye: Again, I don't strictly stick to anything serious at this point. However, I do try to jog at least one mile a day. If I manage to get in a work out video or some Zumba or something like that, I'm thrilled.

Nyxx: I read on your twitter that you used to model. What happened?

Abbye: I hate being the center of attention. Modeling started more as a confidence booster for me. Something to push myself to be more outgoing than I really am. I did it for a few years. Met people who couldn't see me for who I really was under my skin. Anyone can look good and be an arm trophy. I want someone to see me for who I am, not how I look on the outside.

Nyxx: You just honestly really do want the nice guy?

Abbye: I do. The one who can go out or stay in with me and just watch a movie and eat popcorn. The one that might grown about it, but might try - at least once in a while - to make part of that daily jog with me.

Nyxx: What happens after your first book is published?

Abbye: I guess I'll actually have to have a writing schedule so  can get the next one out in an acceptable amount of time.

Nyxx: Are you looking forward to it?

Abbye: Definitely. I guess, in some way, knowing that I have somewhat of a deadline will finally make it all seem real.

Nyxx: What's your take on writer's block?

Abbye: Again, since I don't push myself to write when it's not coming to me. I'm not really sure. I don't know that I really believe in it. I think some parts are simply more difficult to write than others.

Nyxx: What is something you have that people would be surprised to know?

Abbye: I have chickens.

Nyxx: Oh wow. I did not expect that. Any talents?

Abbye: Not so much. I used to sing, especially through Jr. High and High School. But I think it's one of those things that when you stop doing it, you get out of practice. Not like riding a bike. Though I used to be good, I can't carry a tune in a bucket anymore.

Nyxx: Do you  have any strange eating habits?

Abbye: Probably. I put cornbread in a glass of milk to eat it. I also do that with chocolate cake. What's even stranger is that I'm not a milk drinker. Can't drink it plain, but I'll do that with it.

Nyxx: That is different. If you're reading this and you do that with your corn bread or chocolate cake, leave a comment. I'm curious. Any habits? Bite your nails?

Abbye: No, no nail biting.

Nyxx: Smoke?

Abbye: Nope.

Nyxx: Drink?

Abbye: Rare social events. Not too often since I don't get out often.

Nyxx: Favorite drinks?

Abbye: If I'm actually drinking, I like sex on the beach (honest, it's a drink, but I only like the red one), Kamikaze, Tequila, and the pineapple upside down cake drink is to die for.

Nyxx: Favorite restaurant?

Abbye: Oh, I don't know. I guess, maybe Olive Garden. Although I do really enjoy Chinese food and Thai food as well.

Nyxx: Favorite foods?

Abbye: Honestly, I'm a carb fiend. I love pasta and potatoes and bread. It's probably why I have to run everyday.

Nyxx: Since your blog shows that you have several series in mind, how do you plan to work those out for release?

Abbye: Well, the idea is to get out book one of the first series and then book one of the second. Then I'll work on book two for both of those, on the side working with book one in the third series. It makes sense in my head, but if it will happen that way, I don't know. I may end up simply writing series by series and when one concludes, move on to the next.

Nyxx: What do you enjoy most about writing?

Abbye: Probably that there are no real consequences. I can make my characters do whatever I want and there's no real life trouble. I can get them released or not caught, as I will it.Things aren't so simple in real life.

Nyxx: Do you create perfect characters?

Abbye: Absolutely not. They're all flawed, some seriously flawed. Some are beautiful, some are average and some are far from anything to look at. I try to make my books like life. Not every man is 6'4" and has a body that looks as though it's been carved.

Nyxx: What celebrities or models best represent your characters?

Abbye: I think I need a bit more time on that. I have a few ideas, but some I'm still thinking about. I want to be positive before sharing anything like that.

Nyxx: OK, how about your hottie list? Who makes the cut?

Abbye: Oh, not so certain I should answer that one either.

Nyxx: How about you agree to answer if I get enough emails, tweets, or comments about it?

Abbye: Ummm, sure.

Nyxx: Ok, so if you're reading this and want to know who Abbye thinks are the hottest celebs, leave a comment on this blog post, email me directly ( or you can copy and paste the following tweet.

We want Hottie answers @NyxxsNook @AbbyeKovacevic 
I'll tally all three together and come back with the numbers and hopefully the answers to this question. Moving on, guilty pleasures?

Abbye: Klondike bars, Starbucks, and bubble baths.

Nyxx: Thanks so much for joining me again. I look forward to next time and hopefully hearing those things you like to stay shy about answering.

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